Bulgarian Folk Costumes from Thrace

Bulgarian Folk Costumes from Thrace

  • Автор: Mariana Raykova
  • Издател Nikrima
  • година 2003
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формат 280/190 мм; твърди корици; 96 стр.

Thracians lived in the Balkans over the course of 2,500 years, during which they created their material culture and defined a spiritual image. They emerged in prehistoric times, went through the tribal system and slavery, and disappeared in early feudalism. Thracian existence went through several stages: Thracian, Thracian-Hellenic, Thracian-Macedonian, Thracian-Roman and Thracian-Byzantine, all of them leaving a deep mark in European culture. This book describes the history of Thracian culture and its impact on Bulgarian costumes over the centuries. Documented throughout are vivid, full-page photographs of costumes submitted by five historical/ethnographic museums: Smolian, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Kazanluk, and Kardjaly. Many of these costumes are worn by human models. The colors and weaves of these textiles emerge with wonderful clarity under the artful photography of Velislav Nikolav.