Holland / M. Kers, G. J. Zwier, Пейзажна фотография.

Holland / M. Kers, G. J. Zwier, Пейзажна фотография.

  • Автор: M. Kers, G.J. Zwier
  • Издател Inmerc
  • година 2004
  • Наличност: 1
  • 80.00 лв.
  • 39.00 лв.

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формат 300/250 мм; твърди корици; 152 стр.

Един от най-добрите фотографски "портрети" на Холандия:

In Holland Martin Kers has once again succeeded in surprising us with a fresh approach to Holland. Most portraits of Holland show us of what we already think of as inextricably Dutch: the dikes, rivers, meadows and skies, windmills, tulips, clogs and bicycles. But a portrait of Holland through the lens of Martin Kers shows us much more. With his unique feeling for symmetry, colour and contrast, and a remarkable eye for detail, he knows every time how to capture apparently every-day situations in a new and unexpected way.