This Is Not a Book / Keri Smith, 2011. На английски език

This Is Not a Book / Keri Smith, 2011. На английски език

  • Автор: Keri Smith
  • Издател Penguin Book
  • година 2011
  • Наличност: 1
  • 20.00 лв.
  • 14.50 лв.

Книгата е част от нашите Намаления 20-40% и това намаление не се комбинира с другите отстъпки и намаления на книжарницата. Вижте всичките ни Намаления 20-40% през категориите отляво.

Книгата не е нова и е в добро/много добро състояние - първите 3 листа са леко зацапани извън полето на текста.

формат 200/130мм 

меки корици

221 стр.

In this uniquely skewed look at the purpose and function of a “book”, Keri Smith offers an illustrated guide that challenges readers to creatively examine all the different ways This Is Not a Book can be used. With intriguing prompts, readers will discover that the book can be:

A secret message-tear out a page, write a note on it for a stranger, and leave it in a public place.

A recording device-have everyone you contact today write their name in the book.

An instrument-create as many sounds as you can using the book, like flipping the pages fast or slapping the cover. This Is Not a Book forces you to ask, “If it’s not a book, what is it then?”-with a kaleidoscope of possible answers.